[Coconut Oil] Natural Dog Remedies

Coconut Oil Natural Dog Remedies

if you haven’t heard by now, coconut oil is great for you, and has countless uses, literally, i can’t count how many uses it has and i’m learning new ones every day! but did you know coconut oil is great for our furry babies too? yep, it sure is, and its a natural, healthy alternative…

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Ancient Clay Natural Body Care

Ancient Clay Body Care Products

in my efforts to detox my life, i have been endlessly reading labels and making the necessary changes to our families personal care products. tossing out all our shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, lotions, soaps, toothpastes that have harmful toxic chemical ingredients. toxic ingredients such as, TRICLOSAN, PARABENS, PHTHALATES, SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE (SLS) OR SODIUM LAURYL ETHER SULFATE (SLES), PROPYLENE GLYCOL, to…

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DIY Castile Foaming Hand Soap

DIY Castile Foaming Handsoap

if you’re searching for a safe, non-toxic, chemical free hand soap, search no more! the ingredients used to make this hand soap are not only organic, gmo free, fair trade, vegan and never tested on animals, they work great too! if you’ve read my recent article [Detox Your Life] Avoid Toxic Chemicals In Your Personal Care…

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