Emergency Survival First Aid Kit for Home

Emergency Survival First Aid Kit For Home

Be prepared for an emergency situation at home by gathering and organizing all your first aid supplies into one easily accessible container. A well stocked first aid kit is similar ...

Button Bobby Pins

Buttons and Bobby Pins

Another simple way to dress up those boring bobby pins.. slide your button onto your bobby pin and give it a dab of glue. that’s it, you’ve just created a ...

Glitter Bobby Pins

Glitter Glam Bobby Pins

Do-it-yourself glamorized bobby pins! So simple, so cute.. simply attach your bobby pins in any size to card stock and paint with your favorite nail polish, let dry and add ...

Polymer Stone Clay Necklace

Polymer Clay Stone Necklace

this faux stone necklace is my very first finished polymer clay project.. yay! 

Polymer Clay Necklace

Polymer Clay Necklace

since i’m new to creating polymer clay jewelry i’ve done a lot of playing around with clay and colors, this pendant was actually an accidental creation. it began as something ...

Polymer Clay Storage and Organization

Polymer Clay Storage and Organization

i’ve added another hobby to my list, polymer clay jewelry, and with that hobby comes a little creative storage and organization.


Chocolate Banana Paleo Protein Shake

a chocolate banana protein shake that will boost your energy and provide you with plenty of health benefits, yes please!


DIY Polymer Clay Stamps

make your very own creative polymer clay stamps using objects that are likely laying around your home.

DIY 4 Kids | Thumbprint Necklace

we created not one but two amazing gifts for the mommies this past mothers day. the first was the mosaic vase, which was age appropriate for the 3-4 year olds, ...

Oven Baked Bacon

Oven Baked Bacon

if you love bacon, you’re going to love baked bacon. i’m a bacon lover and my hubby has always pan fried it to perfection.